Neat & Keen is the studio of illustrator and printmaker John Everett Morton

Products & Services

In my screen printing studio I make art prints and posters on a manual press. The designs often incorporate my own illustrations. Signed and numbered limited edition posters can be profitable merchandise at your entertainment or fundraising event.

In our online store you can find original art prints, handmade notebooks, and vintage “Made in USA” hardwood pencils.


My goal is to make products that serve a combination of personal growth, community, and function while remaining beautiful and using environmentally responsible materials and methods.

Take our notebooks for example: Studies have shown benefits to writing things down on paper to increase focus, learning, memory, and staying sharper as you age. Our handmade notebooks use paper from US mills instead of shipping them from long distances from factories overseas where the environmental regulations are not as tight.

Some products we hope to develop for the future include musical instruments, chess sets, playing cards, and furniture. One thing at a time.


Frequent updates can be found at Facebook and Instagram.

More detailed technical processes and business insights can be found in Blog entries. Some include helpful resources for the DIY screen printer. For a quick primer, check out the Selected Archives. You can read a little bit more about who I am in the About section.