Silo Process: Come Together Already!

Since my last post I felt like things were starting to come together. It felt like i was finding my groove. Here’s what stuff looks like so far:

Two colors down

Second color (darker blue) down.

The second color went down on the 5th. I probably could have added more water to the mix at times as it got pretty thick.

On the 6th I was putting finishing touches on the film for the third color.


Duralar film with black ink for the third stencil over the two-color print

When you make separations in a computer, you make them all line up in the computer and print them out to the same size and hope everything lines up when you print. The benefit I have in hand drawing these (even though it takes a while) is after each color I can see how my film lines up with the actual printed result.

Color three went down on the 8th (I planned to print on the 7th, but a casual visit to my parents’ house ended up with me taking my dad to the ER; he’s home and fine now). The delay gave the ink an extra day to dry and I actually put the prints under some weights to dry flatter.

Third color down

Third color down and prints hanging to dry

It’s a nice brown color that I custom mixed because it turns out I screwed up and managed to pick up a quart of brown plastisol ink. Anyone have a use for it?

On the 9th I hoped to start printing color number four early and be done with lots of time to spare.

Color Four Test Print

A test print of the fourth color

It looks okay-ish. The final black film will cover up many of the imperfections seen. The color is a bit darker cream than I would like. It is supposed to be an off-white color with some translucence so allow the shadows to show through. Looking at it now I think it needs to be lighter in color and more translucent. But that’s not the most glaring issue.

Stencil is off

The bottom edge of the stencil isn’t parallel enough with the paper edge. Blue line added for reference.

The bottom edge of the stencil is pretty uneven. The brown bits aren’t perfectly even (again, they’ll be covered with some of the black film). I don’t mind that it’s not a straight line because I’ve used hand drawn edges throughout this design, but it doesn’t run parallel enough to the paper edge. Totally neglected to check it when I put finishing touches on the fourth film.

Normally I’d roll my sleeves up and fix the film, reclaim and coat the screen, and give it another try. I got started early enough to do that. Instead, my pressure washer decided to die. I bought it used on craigslist two years ago, it sat outside in a brutal winter one year, and I think I failed to hook it up to a dedicated branch circuit (though the only other thing on that circuit were some lights).

So now I’m frustrated and angry and probably won’t get any more printing done today even if I do run out and put a pressure washer on my credit card (I’ve got an early appointment tomorrow morning otherwise¬†I’d pull and all nighter and get it done).

The benefit (other than getting the screen right how I want it) is that I can add some more white and translucent base to my cream ink.

In other news…

Don’t want to go into specifics and jinx it, but it seems I have been hired on for a full-time position at a local business. I won’t start for a couple weeks yet.

Also, if you’ve been watching my other social media feeds, you’ll know that I’ve been trying to document the entire process of this print with video. I’ll share the completed result here when all is said and done.

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