New Print, New Job, New Problems

Hey. Sorry. I lied. I said last time that I was going to share some of my poor man mounting tips, but I don’t have it done. It’s been a hectic week and they are about to get more hectic. More on that in a bit. What I do have are the makings of my next print.

New Print

Mockup of collage print

Rough Digital Mockup featuring the Martin D-18E

This is a very rough mockup I put together last weekend for my next print. It is not what the print is going to look like. This is mostly for my benefit to see how the colors play with one another. In some senses, this print is experimental. I won’t really know what it’s going to look like until it’s done. And that’s okay. Some of that is by design. With The Silo print I had a pretty strict idea of what the colors would look like and where they would fall. And it turned out more or less as expected.

Three films ready

Three of at last six films for the print in progress

Much like The Silo I’m using hand drawn films to as positives for my screens. I’m using a couple new materials this time around such as a different grade of film and Montana refillable paint markers. The jury is still out on both. Above you can see three of the films laying on top of one another. This print will be four colors, but has six films because some share common elements with other colors and this way I can avoid redrawing large features such as the guitar.

This new print is part autobiographical, part stream of consciousness, part pop culture references/homage, and part “Hey, look, a guitar!” The Martin D-18E as it appear here is a funky looking guitar only produced one or two years in the early 1950s. (I believe they still make a model called the D-18E, but the pickups are understated unlike the ones here). I’ve been pretty careful not to let too much of the words be shown until the print is done. It isn’t that they are groundbreaking or controversial, it’s just nice to save some things for the end reveal.

Detail of printed words

Detail of printed words

Instead of the Montana refillable paint marker, I used an Sharpie waterbased paint marker for this film. As this is a different (maybe older) grade of Duralar than I used previously, I found after it dried that some of it was chipping and flaking away. At first I was distraught and starting fixing it and brushing away the chips. Then I decided it looked kind of neat. Who needs Photoshop filters when you have real life deterioration? At any rate, though the words will likely be readable in the end, they will be obscured by three layers of transparent inks.

Tonight I pulled 162 prints in record time for me. I don’t think I’m going to get another color printed tomorrow, but it’s possible. It seems as though my only large screen is starting to come unglued a bit, so I’m looking for a way to mitigate that before I ruin it.

When I started designing this print I was only going to do about 75 or so. At the last minute I got the idea to do two colorways (the same design in two different color schemes). So now I’m shooting for 67 of each colorway, and I printed some extras to play with or in case of mistakes.

New Job

This week I started a new job here in DeKalb. It seems like a good company and I’m grateful to be employed again. The last six months have been great for making art, but not so great on my bank account. The only problem is that starting next week it seems as though I will be working 58 hour weeks until further notice. That’s a lot of working and doesn’t leave a lot of time for art making. Still, I’m on a pretty good pace for this print already and whereas The Silo took two months from design to printing (with much troubleshooting inbetween) I think I can get this done in two weeks or less, but work is definitely going to cut into my art making.

As I write this I have less than six hours before I have to be out the door for work tomorrow and I still have to take a shower before I go to bed. My screen in clean and ready for a coat of emulsion. Maybe I can apply some new adhesive to the screen, get it coated, and print another color tomorrow night, but time is going to be tight.

And with that I’m off to get ready for tomorrow.

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