Progress Report: July 2016

Egads. It’s been over a month since I’ve last posted anything here. That’s not to say I haven’t been making progress. It’s been pretty quiet because I’ve been working more hours at the “regular” job. It’s a necessary evil in order to make some more cash. What’s that thing about having time or money, but not both?

Template/study for a Triumph motorcycle print

Template/study for a Triumph motorcycle print drawn over the last couple of weekends.

Unfortunately Ive been low on both lately. Paper supply is running low, ink supply is low, and I’m clear out of emulsion. Gone. Kaputzo. That’s no excuse to not do things though. In the meantime I’ve been working on this design for a motorcycle print. It’s something that has haunted me for a while (See: Speeding Motorcycle, February 2016). While I once considered doing this as a simple three or four-color print, I’m now up to at least five. That might not seem right since the above image is only two colors, but it is merely a study to figure out my separations once I start drawing the image full size on clear mylar.

Ideally I’d be printing this before the end of July, but that doesn’t look likely. When I do print it I want to do some different versions with different colors on the motorcycle tins (that’s tank, fender, and side covers). There will be the regular black outlines, a gray/chrome midtone, a tiny little spot of yellow for the turn signal, and a fade in the background. Also (again, ideally) this will get printed on some fancy pants paper. We’ll see.

In Other News

Self portrait photo shoot in the studio

Four Johns is better than one. Photo shoot in the studio.

I’m always plotting and scheming a way to try and sell more art. Progress is slow and steady sometimes and explosive at others. Look for some small improvements to this website to come. This week I had a couple of photo shoots in the basement that consisted of me setting the 10-second timer on my phone and running into position to get the shot.

With my inventory now moved over to StoreEnvy I’m looking to have a sale at the end of July. More details to follow.

Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get people to click to my website and read what’s going on. So I thought I might try to mix it up and record some video blogs. Sometimes on the process of screen printing, sometimes thoughts on art and artists, and sometimes deeper examinations of my own works. There’s a lot of work that has to happen before this can come to fruition. Most of it involves coming up with a good lighting setup and interesting backdrop.

I’ve also got no shortage of design ideas, so even when I’m low on printing supplies I can draw all sorts of things. It’s just there isn’t a lot to say about those things so I don’t post them here until I have a lot of them or something substantial to say. That’s why you should be following my Instagram and Facebook page. It’s a great way to follow my progress when it might otherwise seem that I am making none.

That’s all for now. Hopefully there’s better news coming soon.


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