Super Happy Handmade Art Funtime Birthday Sale!

Well, it’s that time of the year again. On Sunday I will turn another year older. I remember a few years ago on my birthday it was when I really made the decision to hit this art thing harder than I had been. And I can honestly say I have been doing that. I’m taking a long weekend off from my “regular” job to add new items to the Storenvy shop and hopefully move some art into some homes (maybe yours!) during my birthday sale. If stuff doesn’t look like it’s on sale it’s because everything has free shipping in the US. (Reduced shipping for my international patrons too!)

Here’s some of the new pieces added to the store.

The Pop Art Allusions Test Print

Pop Art Allusions Test Print

Pop Art Allusions Test Print. Image size 18 x 24 inches. Paper size 19 x 25 inches. 6-color test print on 100# Cougar

This first one isn’t super special and is the most affordable of the bunch. It’s the only remaining copy I know of that doesn’t feature the brown ink (the final color) on it. What’s more, there was a huge screw up when I started printing the second layer of yellow on the guitar (which was meant to mute the orange layer that was printed on top of the first layer). This is one of my earlier prints and even though it is technically flawed, I kind of love the texture of ripples and dried up bubbles in the too thick ink covering the surface. You can see closeups in the store.

Hand Embellished “Dough.”

Hand Embellished "Dough" Print

Hand Embellished “Dough.” print. 19 x 25 inches

Calling some of these hand embellished prints doesn’t seem to do them justice. What’s a better word? When I printed the regular 5-color edition I made a handful of variants to play with later. One was this two-color version that featured only blue and black inks. Everything else was colored by hand using the same colored pencil sticks with which the original concept sketch was done. The primary difference in this version from the finished regular print is that I reintroduced green into the background.

Hand Embellished “Dough.” #2

Hand Embellished "Dough." #2. 19 x 25 inches

Hand Embellished “Dough.” #2. 19 x 25 inches. Mixed media on single ink print

This was fun to do. It started life as a single black ink print, which doesn’t even provide a complete outline for the dollar sign. The rest is a mixed media piece. It’s got colored pencil, chalk pastel, and a little bit of watercolor paint. The pictures don’t quite do it justice. I have six more copies of the black only print and may turn some of them into different color combinations in the future. I was tempted to add words to this one, but didn’t Maybe on a future version.

Hand Embellished Test Print Mashup

Hand Embellished Test Print Mashup. 19 x 25 inches.

Hand Embellished Test Print Mashup. 19 x 25 inches.

After doing the previous two versions of “Dough.” I was glad to do something a little different. This is my favorite of the bunch. First a little history. When I did the experimental Pop Art Allusions piece I originally imagined doing two versions: One with the self-portrait outline in cyan (which became the finished version) and another with it in magenta. I ended up not going through with it after the difficulties I had getting that print done, so I have a ton of these two color prints with a magenta self-portrait and autobiographical stream of consciousness in black. They get reused when I need a scrap piece of paper and live on in test prints. What’s great about this is that sometimes it results in this great thing that looks like a collage which references Ray Johnson (who did a lot of collages).


This is by far my favorite of all the one-offs added to the store this weekend. The pictures won’t show all the tiny details. Strings were drawn in with a silver pen. Black text that would have been unreadable was retraced with a silver paint pen. Elements of the guitar and self portrait were lightly accented with a pencil. I just like it. It’s sloppy and colorful and the kind of art that I am most drawn to.

All The Rest…

Inked skull. 6 x 9 inches.

Inked skull. 6 x 9 inches.

As much as I like sloppy and colorful art, I’m not content to be that kind of artist all the time. I have a great respect for highly detailed artists or those that make better use of color. The piece above is something I did about a month back. I used a photo reference and a loose outline in pencil. I watched a single YouTube video by Alphonso Dunn on cross hatching and inked this with an old school dip pen. This drawing isn’t perfect, but I feel like I’m off to a good start.

A word about dip pens: They are awesome. At first I thought it was a silly old fashioned hipster thing to do. They are cheap and they work. Microns are cool and so are the PITT pens, but they are expensive and dry up and then you have this plastic container to trash. Rapidographs are kind of neat and refillable (and still have a place for drawing on mylar), but are high maintenance. I have Emil Mateja to thank for the dip pen recommendation, who I met through my free crane giveaway. See, good things can happen on the Internet.

I’m done with screen printing. Not because I don’t want to do it anymore, I just don’t have any emulsion on hand. I’m also running low on ink and paper. Maybe a printing job will come along and I can get some more. Maybe someone will get me a gallon of Murakami Photocure for my birthday. Anyway, what I meant to say was I’m done with screen printing until I get more stuff, but where’s the theater in that?

The Birthday Sale is underway now! Free shipping in the US! Tell your friends! Buy something for your friends or for yourself! These early works will be the ones that are collectible later on, right? Right?

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