Motorcycle Keyline and Stuff In Progress

Black ink motorcycle on frosted mylar, 18 x 24 inches.

Black ink on frosted mylar, 18 x 24 inches.

Wow. It is September 9 already and I haven’t posted here since the end of June. Where did July and August go? I’ll tell you: Work. At the beginning of July I transferred to a different building at work as part of a promotion. The good news is that my base pay is more than 20% greater. The bad news is that the hours are killing me. In one recent two-week period I worked 128 hours. This week looks like it’s going to be the same deal. So it’s not that I don’t want to be working on art, it’s just that I’m so spent at the end of the day that it’s hard to make a lot of progress.

Above is the keyline in progress for my motorcycle print. At one point I’d hoped to be printing this by August. It’s probably going to be difficult to sell motorcycle prints at the end of October. Maybe I’ll sit on them until spring.

Most of the work is done with a Rapidograph technical pen on frosted mylar. Some larger areas are filled in with a brush. I kind of wish I’d sprung for the wet media Duralar again. This started out in pencil and I decided I didn’t want to find out that the pencil didn’t work well and switched to ink. Below you can see the same work on top of the template that I’m tracing.

Keyline on top of template

Keyline on top of template

Still needing ink: detail on the top and bottom of engine, hand grips, most of the spokes, pipes, lettering on the side covers, and that damned intricate Triumph logo. Also I have to decide how or if I’m incorporating the mirrors.

This morning I put in a solid hour of work and I still don’t feel like I made a lot of progress. The spokes are a pain because I’m using a ruler and can only do so many at a time as they overlap and I can’t smudge them with the ruler.

Once the keyline is done I’ll move on to the other separations, none of which are nearly as complicated. The more I look at this design and consider the number of hours put in, the more I think I might do a handful of variations, all in low numbered editions. Maybe a 5-color version and a 2-color version on some different colors of paper. I think I’m just going to have some fun with it. I like motorcycles and I loved this motorcycle which I sold to buy screen printing supplies.


A couple weekends ago I had my first sale at Store Envy! I threw one of these in with the order for kicks.

Square with Square Shadow

Square with Square Shadow. Ink on bristol board, 11 x 14 inches.

The one I threw in was hand drawn, but I’m thinking about screen printing a few. I’ve talked about these squares before so I don’t want to talk about them more suffice to say that I like them. And with my next paycheck (tomorrow) I might order some acqueous pigments so that I can try printing with wallpaper paste…er, methyl cellulose.

All The Rest

I’m definitely working Saturday again this week and most likely working Sunday and straight into next week. Not much I can do when it’s mandatory. Bummer.

Also, I’ve started a new side project (because I have sooo much free time on my hands). I’ve decided to try my hand at dating. You know, meeting women with the goal of having a relationship one day. I have all sorts of excuses not to do it (I’m working a ton; art is important) but I decided that the longer I wait (and I’ve waited a while) the more difficult it is going to be later. So in true nerdy fashion I’ve started documenting the process. Most of my efforts have been online so far, but I welcome tips on going out solo and meeting people (which is a good trick for a socially anxious introvert like myself).

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