Crane Update #4

Uncut sheet of crane prints

Sheet of uncut crane prints ready to be cut, numbered, and signed.

Woe is me! I AM SO FAR BEHIND IN SENDING THESE OUT! And not even sending them out, but far behind in allocating requests for them!

So I’m breaking some rules. I’ll totally send you more than one crane. I’ll totally send you multiple¬†mini-crane prints. Five? Ten? Twenty?¬†Here’s sort of kind of what happened:

Originally [see: Crane Giveaway] I hoped more people would just send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and I could throw a crane in it and send it on the way. Easy peasy. I also opened up the option for people to send me 60 cents through PayPal to cover a stamp and envelope. This worked for a while, but only got me through the first 100 or so cranes.

A month or two later I found the Random Acts of Cards and Random Kindness sub-reddits where I could offer up my cranes to a number of happy homes. The catch being that I could not ask for a SASE or sixty cents to cover postage (or more for International postage) as part of the subreddit rules. If I had $600 to spare I just have offered them all up methodically, but it’s not been a “spare $600” kind of year. In fact, money got more than a little tight so I took on a roommate for the summer. Then another for the fall.

Things are slowly turning around. I got a raise and promotion at work. The downside of that is that I’ve been working mandatory overtime to the tune of 60 hours a week since July. It hasn’t done much for me on the art creation front. And believe it or not these cranes slipped my mind for a bit as I was in a cycle of sleep/eat/work for a long time.

Where Are The Cranes Now?

Most of them are still here. About 183 have been sent. I think a stack of 20 has been misplaced around the house. I still have to cut, sign, and number a whole bunch of them. That’s what is happening this weekend.

Weighing the Crane Options

  • Give up. You tried, but it’s over.
  • Painstakingly send the cranes out one at a time for as long as it takes to get rid of them.
  • Send more than one out at a time and still see if you can do it before the close of 2016.

I think it’s time to go with the third option. So get in touch with me. I’ll send you up to 20 cranes that you can send to friends and family. Tell me how many you want and where I’m sending them. Do it. Do it now.


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