Colored Squares!

And now introducing, Colored Squares!

Square drawing with shadow and orange background

Two-color silkscreen print on Bristol board about 9 x 12 inches

It’s been too long since I’ve printed anything. I first shared a prototype of this design back in September, and really need to print something even if it was wrong. It’s a super small edition of just ten prints, but in four different colors.

Tangerine, Blue Icee, Raspberry Sherbet, and Pistachio squares

Tangerine, Blue Icee, Raspberry Sherbet, and Pistachio.

Each of these colored squares is limited to ten copies and I believe instead of selling them individually I will sell them in matching sets.

In my mind the key to appreciating these pieces lies in one of my favorite riddles.

“What’s big, red, and eats rocks?”

A Big Red Rock-Eater, of course.

These prints are of squares and the shadow those squares produce. If there were any doubt to that fact, both of those things have been labeled for you. (See “An Art Process: Making 25 Squares” if you really want to read more about my thoughts on squares.)

While working on these I mused that from a different point of view they could be considered two-tone octagons as they would in fact be eight sided polygons including the shadow even if it’s not the familiar stop sign shape we usually associate with octagons.

This set is a little quirky. I’m running low on my regular paper, but happened to have some 19 x 24 inch Bristol board. So I cut it down by hand with razors and the corners aren’t quite square. You put a mat on it, you put it in a frame, no one needs to know.

I might do more of these in the future, but never exactly like this. Maybe with labels. Maybe without labels. Different colors for sure. Maybe in sets of four colors each time. It’s something relatively easy to put together and print in an afternoon when I’m rusty and just need to print something. And I just like them. Yep. Colored squares may become a thing.

All The Rest

Since my last post here (too long ago) I have sent out about 400 cranes. I’m sending them in bigger and bigger sets now and hope to continue to send them out throughout the month.

Film for the silver ink stencil aligned with pins on top of the black ink film stencil

Film for the silver ink stencil aligned with pins on top of the black ink film stencil

Work on the motorcycle illustration for print continues. The keyline is done except for the rearview mirrors and the silver layer is nearly done. Those are two of the most difficult layers to draw. Maybe I’ll be printing it by the end of December, but I have a feeling with all the holiday hooplah that it won’t happen. Also, I’m not sure which inks I’m going to use yet and might not have the funds for them.

As the year draws closer to an end I’m realizing I’m not going to get all my goals for 2016 met. Some of that was due to the unexpected amounts of overtime that I was forced to work from July to November. And sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. I’m going to be sharing revised goals for next year as well as some material wish list stuff.

Finally, coming very soon I will be doing a giveaway here and on my other social media accounts. At least one set of colored squares will be offered up. And a book about Andy Warhol! And probably some hand embellished stuff. So stay tuned!

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