John playing guitar

Doing my other favorite thing back when I lived in Chicago. Photo by DCH.

My earliest works explored recreating superheroes on the Sunday newspaper and my parents’ record collection.

In junior high all I ever wanted to do was one day draw The Amazing Spider-Man comic books. Even now when I’m not sure what to draw I find myself sketching the web-head’s profile.

Although I started out as a computer science major at Northern Illinois University, my degree is a BFA in Time Arts (video installations, animations, etc.). In hindsight I feel that I should have studied illustration or painting. It’s really what I love the most.

While searching for a method to create more economical works of art I stumbled over screen printing. During a stint in Chicago I attended Steve Walters’ Screwball Academy for screen printing and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’ve been a licensed Realtor, substitute teacher, painter’s assistant and had entrepreneurial runs as a DJ and in-home computer tech. Currently I find myself working a warehouse job, but the goal is to one day work for myself making screen printed posters, freelance design work, painting custom guitars, building chess sets, and whatever other awesome projects I can get my hands on. If you have an artistic or musical project you need help on, consider hiring me! If I can’t do what you need, chances are I can refer you to someone top notch you can.