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Silkscreen Prints And Tests: Old, New, And Metallic Inks

Triumph Motorcycle Digital Mock Up

Triumph Motorcycle Digital Mock Up

Progress has been a little slow with my new job, but I’m getting somewhere. Above is the third or fourth iteration of a design I’ve been playing around with. Half-jokingling I’ve referred to this as the first in a series of “Things I’ve Sold To Pay The Bills”. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you know that I put a lot of time and care into my 1996 Triumph Thunderbird. It was one of the first things to go when I quit my previous job and really started focusing more on screen printing.  Continue reading

Homage to Ray Johnson and Kurt Cobain with Self-Portrait, Etc.

Finished 4-color print

Finished 4-color print. 19×25 inches as shown, to be trimmed to 18×24.

This past Saturday I finished up this experimental print. I’m pleased that this took two weeks instead of two months like The Silo, but it still caused a bit of a struggle. Today I’m going to share some of the artistic considerations and the technical process. Continue reading

New Print, New Job, New Problems

Hey. Sorry. I lied. I said last time that I was going to share some of my poor man mounting tips, but I don’t have it done. It’s been a hectic week and they are about to get more hectic. More on that in a bit. What I do have are the makings of my next print.

New Print

Mockup of collage print

Rough Digital Mockup featuring the Martin D-18E

This is a very rough mockup I put together last weekend for my next print. It is not what the print is going to look like. This is mostly for my benefit to see how the colors play with one another. In some senses, this print is experimental. I won’t really know what it’s going to look like until it’s done. And that’s okay. Some of that is by design. With The Silo print I had a pretty strict idea of what the colors would look like and where they would fall. And it turned out more or less as expected. Continue reading

Hazaa! The Silo Is Printed!

Gah! I’m three days passed my self-imposed deadline to update this blog. That’s okay, I was hard at work printing. And look, I made a video!

Printing The Silo

I’ve seen a few screen printing process videos and I’m always interested in seeing more, especially if the printer does something a bit different. But I realize why more people don’t do this…it’s a huge pain! Not only setting up to shoot, but then editing when I’d rather be making art. Continue reading

Six Months of Screen Printing

O Frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! I feel like I’m getting the hang of this screen printing thing again!

Hanging prints

Two rows of hanging prints on either side of my vacuum table

Late last night I finally had some success using my new larger screens. When I first started printing this I thought I might make as many as 200 and definitely more than 50 considering the work that has been involved in making hand drawn films.

It was a little rocky at times. Twice I had to wet the screen because ink was drying. The ink was the determining factor in how many prints I’d make. I mixed about a quart and it got me a little over 100 copies of the first color. About half a dozen fell off my hanging lines and were damaged. Not sure how many will turn out just right.

The ink was pretty sticky and I probably could have thinned it just a bit more which would have yielded more prints. Oh well. They look good. Nice and thick ink.

At least three times I dropped my squeegee into the ink on the screen. Definitely wasted a bit there cleaning off the handle. All the problems aside, I felt pretty good about this print session and even managed to shoot some video that I’m hoping to use in a process video for this print. I’ve tried to do a process video in the past and it never really came together very well.

Six Months A Screen Printer

So guess what? Today is my birthday. And birthdays are one of those superfluous milestones that cause one to reflect. It also happens to be nearly six months since I quit my regular job and I need to find one PDQ. Yesterday I had an interview with a local distribution center and I should know something next week. And of course I’m open to commissions or other work. Continue reading

Summertime Blues, Pt. 3: Slow progress

A brief recap on the woes of printing this summer:

  • The basement was too damp. 80% humidity! Spent some money on a good dehumidifier and I’m back down to 40% RH.
  • Before I realized how much of the humidity was my problem I decided maybe I need to work with a different emulsion and switch from Murakami Photocure Pro to Ulano QT-D (Discharge).
  • The wide format inkjet printings from OfficeMax did not seem to have a dense enough black pigmented ink. I found a source for wide format toner copies at FedEx/Kinkos (though I have to drive 25 miles to get them).
  • The kind folks at have been giving me some advice. It’s come in handy, especially tips on coating screens.

Third (I think) step test with Ulano TQ-D emulsion

Third (I think) step test with Ulano QT-D emulsion

Continue reading