Hire Me!

Let’s hear about your design or art needs! I’ve got the experience to offer you a quality result, but hungry enough to offer a competitive price. I’d love to make some gig posters or do some custom screen printing onto a guitar top. Some services I can provide include:

Digital File Preparation

Need business cards or signs made? Do you know the difference between RGB and CMYK profiles? Do you know when to use images with a 300dpi resolution versus 72dpi? How about the difference between digital, offset, screen printing, and letterpress technologies? That’s okay if you don’t because these are all things I’ve learned over the years.

Original Designs and Artwork

Logos, cartoon robots, whatever. I’ve painted wall murals, screen printed illustrations from photo references, stripped and finished guitars, and thrown clay pots on a wheel. Check out my Gallery to see samples of works. I can’t do everything under the sun, but if I don’t feel confident that I am up to the task at hand I would be happy to refer you to someone that is. It costs you nothing to contact me and ask some questions.

Musical Performances

I’ve been known to play nearly three-hour acoustic house party sets for a nominal fee and a well placed tip jar. My repertoire consists of a number of well known cover songs with a leaning towards alternative 90s stuff. Let me bring a portfolio of prints to showcase and we’ll make your next shindig a cultural event to remember.

Some Examples:

And More!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask me questions. If I can’t do what you need I know a number of artists in a variety of disciplines and would be happy to refer you.

See examples of past works and works in progress in the Gallery.

Also check out my Silkscreen Printing rates.