Following is a small gallery of finished works and works in progress shown to demonstrate my style and methods of working. Additional items are available for sale in my Store.

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The Silo Print

The Silo print

The Silo. 6-color hand pulled silk screen print. 2015.

One of my favorite items to come off my very own press. Signed and numbered edition of 47. Available now on Etsy. Also, watch the making of this print in the video Printing The Silo.

Love Fights No Wars

2-color silkscreen print, 12 x 18 inches. 2015.

This was the second thing ever printed at Neat & Keen Studio. Black and red ink on French kraft paper.

Guitar Playing Robot Print

Guitar Playing Robot

Guitar Playing Robot, 4-color silkscreen print, 18 x 24 inches. 2015.

If there’s a thing I do, it’s guitar playing robots. This guitar playing robot print was drawn by hand and separated in the computer. This four color print features two overprint colors and some halftones. This is the first 4-color print that I designed. Read about the months long learning process.


Skeleton design

Skeleton design, 2015.

This was done for no particular reason. Part hand drawn, part computer work. It’s the kind of thing I save because I might want to improve upon it someday.

25 Squares

25 Squares

25 Squares. 2014. Mixed media illustration on Bristol board. 9x12in.

If there are two things I do, it’s robots and squares. I’ve been playing with these squares for nearly a decade now. It can be something cathartic to explore when I get in a slump. It started with simple Sharpie marker on cardstock and over the years I have learned to add color and mix it up.

Bass Playing Unicycle Robot

Bass playing robot

Bass Playing Unicycle Robot. 2017.

A work in progress for a potential print. Eventually I hope to have a four-piece robot band featured in prints. Read about the evolution of this design.

Kabuki Vampires Motorcycle Club Design

Kabuki Vampire Motorcycle Club

Kabuki Vampire Motorcycle Club promo poster, design for 18 x 24 in. print. 2015

This is a work in progress for a promotional poster for a comic book of mine. The illustration was drawn by hand with some vector refinements made in Adobe Illustrator.

Inked Skull

Inked skull. 6 x 9 inches.

Inked skull. 6 x 9 inches on bristol. May 2016.

This piece was done with a regular old dip pen and I had so much fun with it that I can see this method of working becoming a regular part of my artwork.