Silkscreen Posters

Hire Neat & Keen to do silkscreen posters for your concert, gig, fundraiser, or other event. Our posters are printed by hand in DeKalb, Illinois about 90 minutes west of Chicago. Our modest studio setup allows us to keep our overhead down and prices competitive.

When deciding to get a custom poster designed and printed you should have these things in mind:

  • Total budget (or cost per print)
  • Number of posters to be printed

Usually the easiest way for all parties involved is to know how much you want to spend for how many posters. We will work with you to deliver a stellar package at or under your budget. We do ask for a 20% deposit to begin work which is not refundable after the design has been approved and work has begun on printing.

Two-color silkscreen print on kraft paper brown cover stock.

Two-color silkscreen print on kraft paper brown cover stock.

Try not to get hung up on the number of colors or technical details! The print above is only two colors on a non-white paper. Sure, we can do more than two. Three or four is usually plenty. Eight is considered a lot for this kind of thing (but we’ve done it).

If you would like to concern yourself with the finer details, please read the pricing structure below.


It is difficult to make a quote for every possible project, but here is the breakdown for charges on an 18 x 24 inch print on our 100# house white cover stock.

  • Screen setup fee per color: $20
  • Art Fee: $30/hr
  • Printing Cost: $1.10 per color/per print

Example: A 4-color print with five hours of design and illustration time would have a setup cost of $230 ($20 setup fee x 4 colors = $80; $30 Art fee x 5 hours = $150). Each print made would incur a cost of $4.40 ($1.10 per color x 4).

Homer Dollar Sign

Total Cost Examples of 4-color 18 x 24 prints with 5 hours illustration/design

  • 10 prints = $274 ($27.40/print…that’s just silly, please order more than 10)
  • 50 prints = $450 ($9.00/print)
  • 100 prints = $670 ($6.70/print)
  • 150 prints = $850 ($5.67/print) *First bulk discount applied
  • 200 prints = $1030 ($5.15/print) **Second bulk discount applied

Trimming to size, signing, and numbering is included with all prints designed and printed in house. Typically there is no extra charge for fades and blends.


  • Screen setup fee per color is cut in half at 150 prints; waived completely at 200 or more)
  • Half size designs or smaller (in which two copies can be printed on a single sheet of paper) will have a small reduction in price.

Add Ons & Additional Costs

  • Non-standard inks (metallic, glow in the dark) will incur a small cost per use.
  • Prints can be picked up at the studio, delivered nearby, or actual shipping costs will apply. We’re happy to ship using your UPS or FedEx account if you prefer.
  • Non-standard paper (different colors, heavier stock, or foil stocks) will increase by the actual cost of the upgraded paper stock.


E-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.