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35mm Russian Zenith Camera Print

Test Print Edition of 35mm Russian Zenith

35mm Russian Zenith. Test Print edition of ten pieces. 12 x 15 inches.

This weekend I finally got around to printing two versions of this 2-color print featuring a 35mm Russian Zenith 3M camera. Some things could have gone better, but overall I’m pleased with the results. Shown above is a copy from the test print edition of ten. So how did this print come to be? Continue reading

The Zenit 3M: Can You Say “Cheese” In Russian?

At some point in time I was distracted by some camera related blogs and such and got to reading how with the advent of digital photography there are a lot of quality vintage 35mm film cameras that can be had for a cheap price. Of course instead of getting a quality Canon or Nikon I had to be different and got this Russian Zenit 3M (Alternatively, “Zenith” in English).

Zenith 3M 35mm camera

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