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Vari-Dot Grid Research and Bullet Journal Giveaway

This is part of an on going series of posts following the variable size dot grid notebook research and development, aka Vari-Dot. For previous posts please see:

Vari-Dot Grid Research

While waiting for screens to dry and such, I’ve been working away on this Vari-Dot book. Here’s what I’m looking to make now.

(If you’re just here for the Bullet Journal Giveaway, you have to keep scrolling a bit)

Diagram 1: Dimensions of the proposed Vari-Dot Layout book

Diagram 1: Dimensions of the proposed Vari-Dot Layout book

I want a big book. Almost a sketchbook, but with more order. This is a plan for a 9 x 12 inch book with perforated pages and double wire-o binding. Not shown at this scale is the new Vari-Dot graphic that I’ve been testing. Continue reading

Six Months of Screen Printing

O Frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! I feel like I’m getting the hang of this screen printing thing again!

Hanging prints

Two rows of hanging prints on either side of my vacuum table

Late last night I finally had some success using my new larger screens. When I first started printing this I thought I might make as many as 200 and definitely more than 50 considering the work that has been involved in making hand drawn films.

It was a little rocky at times. Twice I had to wet the screen because ink was drying. The ink was the determining factor in how many prints I’d make. I mixed about a quart and it got me a little over 100 copies of the first color. About half a dozen fell off my hanging lines and were damaged. Not sure how many will turn out just right.

The ink was pretty sticky and I probably could have thinned it just a bit more which would have yielded more prints. Oh well. They look good. Nice and thick ink.

At least three times I dropped my squeegee into the ink on the screen. Definitely wasted a bit there cleaning off the handle. All the problems aside, I felt pretty good about this print session and even managed to shoot some video that I’m hoping to use in a process video for this print. I’ve tried to do a process video in the past and it never really came together very well.

Six Months A Screen Printer

So guess what? Today is my birthday. And birthdays are one of those superfluous milestones that cause one to reflect. It also happens to be nearly six months since I quit my regular job and I need to find one PDQ. Yesterday I had an interview with a local distribution center and I should know something next week. And of course I’m open to commissions or other work. Continue reading

Adventures in Screen Printing, Etc.

Love Poem Print

Love Poem Print. 12.5″ x 19″. Open edition on French Paper 80# Starch Rain Cover Stock

Last week I had my first successful print come out of my very own studio by my very own hands. It isn’t the finest print anyone has ever made, but it’s an important milestone for me. Now that I feel a little more comfortable with my process I am more confident about future prints and investing more funds into ink and paper. Also, you can buy your own copy now.

This particular design was out of practicality. If you’ve followed this blog, you know that I have other designs that incorporate this poem that I wrote. This design came out of the fact that I had 100 sheets of this paper left over from a print that didn’t work out and I wanted to print something on it. It may be difficult to discern on your screen, but the actual paper has a slight blue tint to it. So this got a layer of white behind the larger letters so that the smaller print would really pop. Continue reading

I Quit. Now What?

Typed "I Quit" image

I’m 33 years old. I’ve got several bills to pay and I just quit my job of eight and a half years with no real plan for the future. Life is good. I hope.

If you know me personally, this news probably comes as much of a surprise to you as me. Twenty-four hours ago I didn’t think I would be sitting at home now unemployed. And yet at 4:30am I found myself punching out for the last time and getting in my frigid car to drive home. Continue reading