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Year In Review: Prints of 2015

Since 2015 was the first year of Neat & Keen it’s probably not a bad idea to at least do it this time. And although I’ve had the Neat & Keen website up now for a year, our first print didn’t roll out until late March. Hopefully there is much more to come in 2016. Here’s a look at all the prints from 2015.

The Love Poem Poster

Love Poem Print

Love Poem Print. 12.5″ x 19″. Open edition on French Paper 80# Starch Rain Cover Stock

I’m not terribly fond of this design, but this is the first thing that was ever printed here in my basement studio. It was kind of thrown together quickly so that I had a design to print. A copy of this was sold to a gentleman in Germany for my first ever Etsy sale, but I’ve since removed it from the store. It’s actually a two color print, white and red inks on very slightly blue French Paper Starch Rain 80# Cover Stock. If you still want a copy of it get in touch with me.

First mention: Adventures in Screen Printing Continue reading

New Print, New Job, New Problems

Hey. Sorry. I lied. I said last time that I was going to share some of my poor man mounting tips, but I don’t have it done. It’s been a hectic week and they are about to get more hectic. More on that in a bit. What I do have are the makings of my next print.

New Print

Mockup of collage print

Rough Digital Mockup featuring the Martin D-18E

This is a very rough mockup I put together last weekend for my next print. It is not what the print is going to look like. This is mostly for my benefit to see how the colors play with one another. In some senses, this print is experimental. I won’t really know what it’s going to look like until it’s done. And that’s okay. Some of that is by design. With The Silo print I had a pretty strict idea of what the colors would look like and where they would fall. And it turned out more or less as expected. Continue reading

Process: Guitar Playing Robot Final Chapter

At last the time has come to present the Guitar Playing Robot print! Nearly a year in the making, here is the final result and some thoughts and notes on the process.

Full-size actual print

Mom models the Guitar Playing Robot print for the camera

Note: This is Part Four of a process post. For earlier posts see Process: Digital Art Editing of the Guitar Playing RobotProcess: What Counts As Cheating When Making Art?, and Process: Editing Separations (Again) For Print.

Continue reading

The Tentative Quest

John playing guitar

February 2011. Apartment in Logan Square. Photo by DCH.

There are two moments in life in which I recall feeling most like anything was possible and both occurred at age 15. The first was during a family vacation in which we drove from Illinois to Colorado. I was listening to my portable cassette player through my headphones and the song playing sent a shiver up my spine. As the guitar swelled to full volume I couldn’t believe the power it had over me and I thought, “I wish I could do that…” immediately followed by “Why can’t I do that?” My parents nurtured my dream with a guitar and lessons and I’ve been playing ever since. Continue reading

Guitar Playing Robot: Evolution Of A Theme

Guitar Playing Robot: Latest Stage Of Evolution


Some months ago someone asked me, “What’s with all the robots?” while looking at some of my artwork. It’s true. I dig robots. Specifically, I dig these guitar playing pop art robots that I’ve come to develop over the years. Above is one of the more recent examples. The guitar body and headstock are actually my design as well. Here is the robot evolution. Continue reading