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Hand Embellished Prints

Last week I embarked on something a bit new for me: Hand Embellished Prints. The idea is that you create a screen printed image and then enhance it with additional artwork, writing, whatever. It’s an idea I had once upon a time, but until somewhat recently didn’t know was practiced and accepted in the print community. My spin is a little different. Here’s how they came to be.

Acetate tracing

Traced gesture drawing on acetate

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Process: Guitar Playing Robot Final Chapter

At last the time has come to present the Guitar Playing Robot print! Nearly a year in the making, here is the final result and some thoughts and notes on the process.

Full-size actual print

Mom models the Guitar Playing Robot print for the camera

Note: This is Part Four of a process post. For earlier posts see Process: Digital Art Editing of the Guitar Playing RobotProcess: What Counts As Cheating When Making Art?, and Process: Editing Separations (Again) For Print.

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