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Colored Squares!

And now introducing, Colored Squares!

Square drawing with shadow and orange background

Two-color silkscreen print on Bristol board about 9 x 12 inches

It’s been too long since I’ve printed anything. I first shared a prototype of this design back in September, and really need to print something even if it was wrong. It’s a super small edition of just ten prints, but in four different colors. Continue reading

Process: Working Through Fear And Doubt

25 Squares, Yellow & BlackA few weeks ago I talked a little bit about the process of the 25 Square series of works that I’ve done. Mostly I talked about how the idea started and how the image has evolved and the materials have changed. Today I want to write about the attitudes and emotions that go into making art and maybe a bit of the technical aspects that went into making this piece. Continue reading

An Art Process: Making 25 Squares

25 Squares

25 Squares, mixed media on bristol board, 9x12in

When I first had aspirations of being a “real” artist I never thought I would get into making abstract art of any kind. It wasn’t something I really understood and even now it’s something that makes a lot of folks roll their eyes. Of course everyone’s definition of a “real” artist is something different. At the time I was in my teens and all I wanted to do was draw comic books, specifically Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man. So I’m a little surprised at myself even now that I’ve learned to be a little flexible. Continue reading